The Sixth Sedona

Demystifying Digital Media

Dublin, Ireland

The sixth Sedona Conversation in Dublin drew about 120 people from the Digital Media world. A new group called Digital Media Intelligence (DMI), partnered with us and local Dubliners like Ann Rogers, Damian Ryan, Kieran O'Hea were on the ground to help make the Sixth Sedona our best European success even including the wonderful Barcelona Sedona's in 1999 and 2000.

Daintry Donovan of the Sedona staff reports top evaluations and as we prepare for a return June 18th - 21st Sedona and a winter Jamaica Sedona, we have requests to return to Ireland, invitations from Toronto, middle Europe, the United Arab Emirates to host Sedonas for the future.

Clontarf Castle (1000 years old), presented a comfortable venue in Dublin. We had speakers address Digital Media policy issues (Chris Horn) in Dublin, the future potential of the Digital Hub (Jerome Morrissey) BBC, On line Learning and Innovation (Frank Boyd), Art and Digital Medial (Jason Ohler), Virtual Learning Environments (Ken Costello), Innovations in Teaching Media Arts and Graphic Design in Abu Dhabi (Mark Derro) ultralab reaches into community based projects and lower schools in Ireland (Prof. Stephen Heppell) and art as an organizing force for the college of the future (Coen Free).

Coen Free had us sail through the wily and eccentric subterranean world of the artist Bosch in translating King William I College's commitment to the creative and artistic processes that are built into King William I College's philosophy.

Dr. Edward de Bono enthralled the audience with his emphasis on the creative processes that require us to think outside of the box. It was also announced that de Bono will open up the Abu Dhabi E-ducation Without Borders Conference in February according to Vice Chancellor Tayeb Kamali of the Higher Technical Colleges of the United Arab Emirates.

So much grows out of The Sedona Conversations and Conversations: new businesses are formed, new networks are forged and new events always evolve.


We watched Sedeka's profoundly beautiful Japanese anime set-piece, Metropolis, which was not available for last spring's Sedona. This animated film underscored the higher moral themes young designers work into the new media forms such as their music, film, and stories (think rap lyrics in Eight Mile by Eminem), i.e. "Yo live with yo mama in a white trash trailer but that's who I am."

We connected with Dudley Stewart whose father was the General of the Irish Army. Stewart now occupies a Baronial castle in Tullumore, Ireland, a possible setting for major Sedona inspired initiatives, including an international forum on world peace and tolerance.

We were hosted by DMI and had the company of James Joyce's nephew address us on the family perspective of who James Joyce appeared to be. One of the Mesa Community College faculty with us was Mary Aldrich who majored in Irish literature for her PhD. She was thrilled to be seated next to Joyce's nephew at dinner.

Thanks to Sandra de Bresser, we were able to pre-conference right up to Dublin, touching on everything from Jason Ohler's writings and thoughts in "What Next?", an allegorical book he has written, and the interpretations of Joyce's Dubliners and various other topics.

Dublin fires us up for the summer Sedona June 18-21, just before many of us head out to Beijing for AACC's conference on leadership and policy.

The topical theme for Sedona in June is as follows: Art Forms, Digital Forms, Spiritual Forms: Pathways to the Creative Process.


Jason Ohler anchors and kicks us off on the Four "Rs", the fourth being the "R" in A "R" T.


Marshall McLuhan and James Joyce - Commentary Dublin 2002


Dr. Mary Aldridge - Commentary Dublin 2002


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