Marshall McLuhan and James Joyce Commentary


At the Sedona in Dublin , we had pre conference discussions about James Joyce' s work on Sandra de Bresser's pre Dublin-Sedona chat room. Terrence Verity from Seneca College in Toronto attended last April's Sedona Conversation. He was very excited by the experience and wanted to come to Dublin ,but conflicts prevented him from attending. In renewing our conversations on a plane to the League's Conference on Information Technology, where I did a Sedona "Edge" workshop, Terry pointed out to me that Toronto's famous technology thinker, Marshall McLuhan, was very much influenced by James Joyce's revisionist modernism.  Both men are the leading intellectual avant gard of the last century.


Terry's references linked here will be of interest to Sandra's chat room salon, to Jason Ohler, a student of McLuhan, Mary Aldridge, Mesa Community College PhD in Irish Literature studies and others, of course. Mary sat next to James Joyce's nephew at a dinner at the Sedona-Dublin. She may be interested in Terry's references and I will try to run them down for copies for those interested. One other nice outcome of my conversations with Terrence Verity---he wishes to explore hosting a future Sedona Conversation in the Toronto region.


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