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Over the years we have presented several Sedona Conversations.  Please click the links below for further information.

Sedona Conversation Thirteen 2006 - Image Flux:  China  New Work in Video Art, Documentary Film, and Independent Film

Sedona Conversation Twelve 2005 - China on Our Mind

Sedona Conversation Ten 2004 - The Open Source Summit

Sedona Conversation Nine 2004 - Authentic Lives:  Vital Institutions

Sedona Conversation Eight 2004 - The Impact of Technology on the Developing World

Sedona Conversation Seven 2003 - Art Forms, Spiritual Forms and Digital Forms:  Paths to the Creative Process

Sedona Conversation Six 2002 - Demystifying Digital Media

Sedona Conversation Five 2002 - A New Technological Framework:  Education, Technology, and Entertainment

Barcelona 2001 - Women in Technology

Barcelona 1999 - The Impact of Technology on Our Organizational Life


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