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In the months to come, we gearing up for another Sedona Conversations series.  Below are the upcoming topics that are scheduled:

v Transitions and Successions
Date and Location is to be determined - This Sedona is aimed at CEOs, primarily, but separate workshops will be provided for all personnel considering major changes and shifts in their lives, such as retirement.

v China on Our Mind: Making Connections and Exchanges with China
Date and Location is to be determined - This Sedona Conversation will explore similar topics as the Twelfth Sedona in 2005 and will examine the economic resurgence of China as a significant player in the global economy.  In order to better understand these developments, the conference will feature presenters who have either had long-standing relationships with China or are contemplating increasing programmatic services for Chinese universities, colleges, and government agencies.

v A Symposium covering over twenty countries' developments and challenges in higher education
Date and Location is to be determined - This Sedona Conversation will likely follow the publication of a book that Dr. Paul Elsner is editing along with George Boggs and Judy Irwin for the AACC Press, covering over twenty countriesí developments in community college education, further education, technical education, and polytechnic college systems.  Countries currently covered in the book are as follows:

Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Dominican Republic, England, French West Africa (Benin; Burkina Faso; Cote dí Ivorie; Mali; Niger; Mauritania; Senegal and Togo), Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Ireland Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, USA,  and Vietnam.

We are hoping that we can get most of the authors to provide summations of their countriesí developments, and the attending issues and challenges of such systems in responding to an ever-shifting and puzzling world economy, the rules of which keep changing, as we speak.  Discussions of location have involved Dubai, Tokyo and South Africa.

v Art Forms, Literary Forms, and Spiritual Forms in the Land of Magical Realism
Date and Location is to be determined - Another upcoming Sedona Conversation, while only in the memo-draft stage, is an open call for papers for an exciting forum in Bahia Salvador, the northern state of Brazil.  The tentative title is, ďArt Forms, Literary Forms, and Spiritual Forms in the Land of Magical Realism.Ē  We are exploring a venue at a former nunís convent, now converted to a historical hotel in the old colonial section of Bahia.  We will call for papers in the following subjects:

Impact of Colonialism; The African (Slave Trade) Diaspora; Modernism in Brazil; Art and Architectural Formats; Deconstruction of Magical Realism among the writers Allende, Machado de Asis, Jorge Amado, and others; Spirituality in Literary Genre; Analysis of Brazilian film and media as visual doctrine of the future, and many other related topics.

Please keep checking back for updates on our upcoming Sedona Conversations

Please let us hear from you on your specific interest of these upcoming conferences.  We would also welcome your suggestions as we carry out our planning processes.


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